The Killer Inside Me: Violence in Film

It's hard to imagine in this day and age that a movie would demonstrate such gratuitous violence towards women.

Would you ever walk out of movie because it was too violent? What about sexual or domestic violence? How is this type of violence more disturbing then combat-type violence in your humble opinion?

Read an article about The Killer Inside Me Here!

Sneak Peek at the Fusion Film Fesival 2010 Schedule!

Wednesday, February 24th

Breaking in: Tisch Alumni Night - Join Fusion for an intimate panel featuring female alumni at various stages of their career and discuss what it is like to be a working woman in the industry. The panel will be followed by a catered networking reception. Co-sponsored by the NYU-Women's Initiative

Thursday, February 25th

Docs in the Works - Our Doc Pitch finalists will pitch their work-in-progress documentaries to a panel of industry judges and a live audience.

Industry Screening - Join us in the Cantor Film Center for a special screening by a working female director.

Friday, February 26th

Films in Competition - Friday night is competition night, where the festival will screen finalists in the short film, and music video categories and announce festival winners.

Go Green! - A panel about greening your film productions.

Saturday, February 27th

Join industry experts for a day of master classes, panels and Q&As followed by the 7th Annual Fusion Film Festival closing celebration.

Stay tuned for more detailed schedule breakdown and more announcements throughout February.



Avatar or The Hurt Locker? You Decide

Hi All,

Here's an article sent over to us by Nikki Todaro. Thanks, Nikki!

The article comments about who should have one the Golden Globe for Best Drama --> Kathryn Bigelow or James Cameron.

Read The Article Here


NYU Tisch Alumni at 2010 Sundance!

Our warmest congratulations to all the NYU Tisch Alumni who are part of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival!


The Oath

Danielle Morgan '11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Assistant Editor
Katy Scoggin '11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Associate Producer

Nick Quested ’93 (BFA, Film & TV Production)
Executive Producer

A Small Act
Russell Sheaffer ’12 (MA Candidate, Cinema Studies)
Assistant Editor


Blue Valentine
Rachel Jones ’02 (BFA, Film & TV)
Art Department Coordinator
Inbal Weinberg ’03 (BFA, Film & TV)
Production Designer

The Dry Land
June Diane Raphael ’02 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Susie

Marna Kohn ’08 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Melissa

Stephanie Shannon ’07 (BFA, Film & TV)
Art Department Assistant

The Imperialists are Still Alive!
Magela Crosignani ’03 (BFA, Film & TV)
Director of Photography
Zeina Durra ’05 (MFA, Film)
Director & Screenwriter

Beth Goldenberg ’12 (MFA Candidate, Design)
Costume Assistant
Laine Rettmer ’07 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Environmentalist

Alexandra Roxo ’05 (BFA, Drama)
Director Assistant
Ciera Wells ’08 (MFA, Design)
Costume Designer

Lovers of Hate
Athina Rachel Tsangari ’93 (MA, Performance Studies)
Executive Producer

Night Catches Us
Ramona Sadiq ’10 (BFA Candidate, Film & TV)
Picture Vehicle Coordinator

Sympathy for Delicious
Kristen Eccker ’00 (BFA, Film & TV)
Second Assistant Camera

Jennifer Taylor ’97 (MFA, Film)
Assistant Editor

3 Backyards
Kathryn Erbe ’89 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - John's wife

Danai Jekesai Gurira ’04 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Woman in blue dress
Kevin Kuffa '02 (BFA DDW)

Madeleine Olnek ’87 (BFA, Drama)
Production Assistant
Trisha Solyn ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Additional Grip

Atilla Yucer ’01 (BFA, Film & TV)
Co‐Producer & First Assistant Director

Welcome to the Rileys
Amy Chaffee ’91 (BFA, Acting)
Dialect Coach

Winter’s Bone
Debra Granik ’01 (MFA, Film) & Former Adjunct Professor
Director / Writer


Waste Land
Lucy Walker ’98 (MFA, Film)


Gone to the Dogs
Jendra Jarnagin ’96 (BFA, Film & TV)

Liz Tuccillo ’84 (BFA, Drama)
Director / Writer

Herbert White
Caroline Aragon ’06 (Film)
First Assistant Director

Shiho Miyazawa ’06 (BFA, Film & TV)
Sound Recordist
Kate Tsang ’11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Makeup Artist

Christina Voros ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Camera Operator

Little Accidents
Sharon Barnes ’09 (MFA, Film)
Sara Colangelo ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Director / Writer
Amanda Fulks ’07 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Rosa
Etienne Kallos ’09 (MFA, Film)
Lesya Kalynska ’09 (MFA, Film)
First Assistant Director
Wing‐Yee Wu ’09 (MFA, Film)
Editor (Fusion’s 2008 Best Graduate Director Award Winner)

The Visitors
Samina Akbari ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer
Kristina Nikolova '10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Emily Ray Reese '10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Visra Vichit‐Vadakan ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Cast Member


The Extra Man
Shannon Dennard ’03 (BA, Cinema Studies)
Location Scout
Lora Hirschberg ’85 (BFA, Film & TV)
Sound Re‐Recording Mixer
Claire Newlands ’08 (BFA, Film & TV)
Production Secretary

The Killer Inside Me
Susan Kirr ’96 (MFA, Film)

Please Give
Nicole Holofcener ’84 (BFA, Film & TV)
Director / Writer
Paloma Mele ’02 (BFA, Film & TV)
First Assistant Editor
Claire Newlands ’08 (BFA, Film & TV)
Accounting Clerk

Shannon Dennard ’03 (BFA, Cinema Studies)
Location Scout
Victoria Negri ’08 (BFA, Theatre)
Cast - Girl at party

Untitled Duplass Brothers Project
Annie Hill ’01 (CS)
Costume Supervisor

Sarah Smith ’99 (BFA, Film & TV)
Editor / First Assistant Director

Sophie Goodhart ’03 (MFA, Film)
Marni Zelnick ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
First Assistant Director

One Too Many Mornings
Abby Miller ’98 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Henry
Libby West ’94 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Jennifer

The Taqwacores
Denise George ’93 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Dee Dee Ali

SPOTLIGHT (Narrative)

Mother & Child
Lisa Gay Hamilton ’85 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Leticia

Countdown to Zero

Lucy Walker ’98 (MFA, Film)

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America
Keiko Deguchi ’87 (MA, Cinema Studies)
Co‐Producer / Editor

HIGH school
Mary Birdsong ’90 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Mrs. Gordon


Memories of Overdevelopment
Jean Marie Offenbacher ’84 (BFA, Film & TV)
Cast - Carole Ratner


2010 Fusion Trailer Competition Announced

Fusion Film Festival is looking for the creator of the new, fresh intro for all festival screenings! Remember, Fusion Film Festival is all about female collaboration and empowerment within the industry and this is YOUR chance (for both males and females) to create a short festival promo to play before all film screenings!

Information and Instructions

- 15 - 45 second animated or video short intro to play before the screening of all selected films for the 2010 Fusion Film Festival

- Intro must include the official festival logo. Any other typography must use the Fusion font.

- Download the Fusion font here

- Download the .PSD document of the Fusion logo here

- Winner will receive $50 gift card to NYU Computer Store

- Upload entries to Fusion Film Festival YouTube by FEBRUARY 15, 2010

Who can Submit: Any current NYU student or any Alumni with Grad years 2007, 2008, or 2009

Talent: You must provide release forms for any on-screen talent.

Music: You are not permitted to include any copywritten music or performance in your video without proper releases. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to submit signed releases forms.

Trademarks and other copyrights: The use of any trademarks (such as logos, symbols, or characters) that could legally force us to disqualify your video. Do not use any copyrighted material. Copyrighted material includes but is not limited to film clips, television clips, audio clips, video game clips, books, magazines, etc.

How to Upload to Youtube

1. Upload your video onto your personal YouTube account.

2. Log onto the Fusion 2010 Trailer Contest page: http://www.youtube.com/group/fusiontrailer2010

3. Click the "Submit a Video" button on the upper right hand corner of the group's page. Put your video's URL in the prompt box. In the option box, please write your name, NYU school, graduation date, and preferred email address.

We look forward to your submissions!



The deadline for submissions of select 2010 Fusion Film Festival categories has been extended!

The only categories that have been extended are for Feature Screenplay, Music Video, and Documentary Pitch Applications. Visit our website for more information! And submit all your creative endeavors!



NYU Student Makes Huge Leap for Female Directors

Congratulations to Director Kristina Nikolova (NYU Grad Film '11) and the cast and crew of her NYU Commercial Directing project.

Everbel, a Bulgarian feminine hygenie products company, saw her commercial project and approved. When it airs this spring in Bulgaria, Kristina will become the first female Director/DP to have a commercial air in her homeland.

Watch Kristina's commercial below! And thanks to
NYU Graduate Film's Cine City for the head's up!


Does Gender Matter in the Director's Chair?

Co-Director Elizabeth Bohinc recently stumbled upon this great IndieWire article by Matthew Hammett Knott--thanks, Elizabeth!

The article asks the great question: What is a female director?

In comparison to the previous Nancy Meyers article about directing for woman, Kathryn Bigelow is directing for... everyone. But does her femininity matter? Does her genre choice matter? What has elevated her above the rest of the great female directors of this year? By the way, Bigelow recently became the seventh women to receive a DGA nomination!


Nancy Meyers Challenges Stereotypical Relationships! Again! Yay!

We all know those stereotypical movies where the old guy dates/marries/copulates with the young, hot woman. Those movies are annoying, yes. Do they have stale plot points and characters? Yep. Are they boring? Duh!!

Anyways, Nikki Torado sent over this great article about Nancy Meyers---thanks, Nikki! Nancy is spicing things up over in Hollywood again with her latest film It's Complicated, starring the wonderful Alec Baldwin, the hilarious Steve Martin, and the great, awesome, fantastically bewitching Meryl Streep (!). Check out this article, in which Meyers explains some of her ideas behind challenging the previously mentioned stereotypes while entertaining both men and women at the same time.

Other films directed by Meyers that you should check out include: What Women Want, Something's Gotta Give, and Private Benjamin. Meyers-a-thon in your future.

Read the article!