Fusion in Tisch Alumni Magazine!

There is no better way to culminate the 2010 Fusion Film Festival than with our final round of press!

Fusion was recently featured in the Spring 2010 issue of the Tisch Alumni Magazine as part of a feature about Women in Film at NYU. The article featured Festival Co-Directors, Elizabeth Bohinc and Kate Zabinsky, as well as Susan Seidelman and Andrea Wachner, who are NYU alumnae who served on panels at the 2010 festival.

Fusion was also featured in the New York Post's April 14th, 2010 article on the same subject. The Women in Film article served as the cover for the special section on education in the NYP.

Congratulations on a great 2010 festival, and thanks to all those who were part of the Fusion Film Festival Team! We look forward to seeing you in 2011!


Fusion Panelists Doing Well in Hollywood!

Congratulations are in order for Lena Dunham and Paola Mendoza, who both served on our 2010 Fusion Film Festival Double Threats Panel!

Lena's film Tiny Furniture was recently picked up by IFC!

And the film Entre Nos, which Paola co-wrote, co-directed, and acted in is premiering in New York City on May 14th!

We were so lucky to have both Lena and Paola at our Festival this year! Keep your eye on these great filmmakers!


Fusion 2010 Image Galleries

Hey everyone! Check out the new image galleries on our website from the 2010 Fusion Film Festival!


Fusion Film Festival and our friend Emily Abt featured in NYU Alumni Connect

Fusion was recently recognized in NYU Alumni Connect (the NYU Alumni Office's monthly publication) as part of an article about programming catered to female alumni and student in the university. They highlighted our "Breaking In: Tisch Alumnae Night" event that was held on Wednesday, February 24th, 2010, and they even quoted Fusion friend and panelist, Emily Abt.

To read the article, click HERE!


Lena Dunham Wins Big at SXSW!

Lena Dunham was on our Double Threats Panel at Fusion 2010! And she rocked the SXSW awards this year!

Read about it HERE

...Oh Kathryn...

Thank you, Kathryn Bigelow, for inspiring all filmmakers in our world!

Here are some quotes from Bigs to keep you inspired:

"I'd love to just think of myself as a filmmaker. I long for the day when a modifier can be a moot point."

"I think the secret to directing is collaborating and I had truly an extraordinary group of collaborators in my crew."

And one more quote from the 2010 Best Director presenter herself, Babs Streisand, back in 1993:

"Tonight the Academy honors women and the movies. But I look forward
to the time when tributes like this will no longer be necessary,
because women...will be honored without regard to gender but simply
for the excellence of their work."


Fusion 2010 Winners

Best Film

Seasons of Love Directed by Grettel Batoon

Best Undergraduate Director
Grettel Batoon for Seasons of Love

Best Graduate Director

Marie Dvorakova for Steenbeck Story

Best Graduate Cinematography
Harrow Island
Cinematography by Kristina Nikolova
Directed by Anja Marquardt

Best Undergraduate Cinematography
Too Sunny for Santa
Cinematography by Matthew Troy
Directed by Erica Tachoir

Best Sight & Sound Film
Hear Me Fall
Directed by Chloe Domont

Best Short Screenplay
Written by Brooke Greeling

Best Feature Screenplay
Mimi and Me
Written by Elizabeth Kerin

Best Music Video
America, Let's Go by Christopher Gordon and Dan Lubell
Directed by Karen Odyniec


Joan Jett - Feminist of The Day!

Thanks to the Women & Hollywood blog for featuring the industry screening we held last Thursday during our festival, where we screened The Runaways, and where Joan Jett offered us some A's to our Q's after the movie.

Read the article here!

Congrats to Joan for being picked as the Hollywood Feminist of the Day! As always, you rock!


Student Film Competition - Rescheduled!

Due to nasty weather conditions last Friday, we had to postpone our Student Film Competition. However, the competition has been rescheduled for this coming Friday, March 5th at 7 PM!

The competition will be hosted at The Cantor Film Center, located at 36 East 8th Street. Expect a dazzling showcase of short films from our festival finalists, followed by the presentation of awards in the Film, Music Video, and Screenplay categories. While you're at the screening, you can pick up an entrance ticket to our after party! The after party will be hosted at Rockwell's Express, located at 53 East 8th Street. Which is across the street. Convenient!

We look forward to seeing you at the Student Film Competition and the party!


NYULocal Features Fusion's "The Runaways" Screening

NYULocal did some reporting on our event, The Runaways screening, that was held last night at the Cantor Film Center.

If you weren't there, guess what? You missed a Q&A after the screening with Joan Jett herself! Guess you shoulda skipped class.

Read the NYULocal article to catch if you missed it!

Emily Abt's "Toe to Toe" Named NYTimes Critic's Pick!

For those of you who were able to join us on Wednesday night for our "Breaking In" Panel, you already know how great Emily Abt is. Articulate and inspiring, Emily has gone from case worker to a rising star in the film industry.

Last year she debuted her first feature, Toe to Toe, at the Sundance Film Festival. This film is a coming of age story of two high school lacrosse teammates in the DC area leading very different lives. One is from privileged white suburbia, and one is a black student who commutes long distances for her education. Emily's film portrays these two young women as incredibly rich and complex characters that are constantly challenging us to think what is right and what is wrong.

We encourage you to head out to the Village East, Second Avenue at 12th Street, East Village this weekend (after you come to our events on Saturday, of course!) and check out Emily's film.

Even the NYTimes' A.O. Scott thinks this film is a treat--he named it a Critic's Pick! Hey oh!

Tribeca Likes Us, They Really Like Us!

Tribeca has posted an article featuring...us!

Read it here

Thanks to the Tribeca Film Festival for mentioning Fusion on their beautiful blog!


Due to the extreme weather conditions in New York City, the Fusion Film Festival events scheduled for Friday, February 26th have been postponed until a later date that is still to be determined. When the events are rescheduled, we will post the new schedule on our website.

All events scheduled for Saturday, February 27th will be held as planned, but please continue to check our website for any further updates. See you tomorrow!

Click here for the modified Fusion Schedule


Women in Hollywood Blog Post Featuring Fusion!

Cool! We've been featured on the Women & Hollywood blog!

Read the Women & Hollywood post here, and come to the festival - starting Wednesday February 24th until Saturday February 27th.

Click here for our schedule - we'll see you at the festival!

Congrats to Tristian Goik!

Tristian Goik (TSOA '09) won our 2010 Trailer Competition! His trailer will be screened before all the screenings at the 2010 Fusion Film Festival, and will also be used as an advertisement for Fusion around the NYU campus and online. Thank you for your great work, Tristian!


Emma Heald Interview!

Our Communications Director Jessica Kane interviewed Emma Heald (TSOA '04), one of the co-founders of the Fusion Film Festival. Here's the interview!

Jessica Kane: What initially sparked the idea for Fusion?

Emma Heald: We (myself, and fellow co-founder Gina Abatemarco) noticed that there were very few well-known female role models for students who were aspiring to be directors and cinematographers. We wanted to help encourage all students to follow their dreams by bringing female filmmakers to NYU as successful examples of women working in the industry. We wanted to discuss how these women had achieved their success in a traditionally male-dominated industry. We wanted to make the idea of women filmmakers, and their collaborative work within the industry, seem less unusual. We wanted to tell the student community that this was happening in the industry, that it was possible, and that the ambition to be a successful female filmmaker was attainable. As students at the time, on the cusp of graduating and looking at an industry where, for example, no woman had ever won an Oscar for directing and only three had ever been nominated, and where women filmmakers made up only a tiny percentage of the industry, Fusion was exactly what [Gina and I] needed to inspire us. I think the inclusion of both men and women in the festival meant that it wasn't a segregated event, but something that actually brought the community together. It sparked a lot of support and encouragement for all young, aspiring filmmakers at Tisch.

JK: How has Fusion changed since it was first developed?

EH: It has become a broader festival since it now tends to highlight the work of women working in many different roles in the industry. The initial idea was to focus primarily on those areas that were strongly and significantly underrepresented, which were the female director or the female cinematographer, because these were areas where historically there were few role models. We felt we needed to take action to seek out those role models and bring them to the forefront. That was our original angle as founders, and since then the festival has taken on a new shape each year with students deciding which areas of the industry are important to highlight. We always wanted the festival to be a new student creation each year, and that has been a very interesting process to watch as the original concept has grown and expanded to combine additional role models within the industry.

JK: What do you think makes Fusion different than other film festivals?

EH: Fusion is an entirely student-run event, and it has the capacity to shift its focus from year to year with each new student team that takes on the challenge of running the festival. This makes it an exciting event because there is always a fresh take on the theme of women filmmakers within the industry, and it has the ability to adapt to include topics that the student body is most interested in showcasing that year. it also has a nurturing quality, which is unique when comparing to other festivals. Many festivals mainly focus on showing work and granting awards, while Fusion does this and also tries to bring workshops and panels into its programming. The intention is that the panels and workshops will guide and advise young filmmakers about the industry so they are better equipped while making their next film, and for when they eventually leave the school.

JK: How would you explain the divide between male and female filmmakers, and how do you think it has changed over time?

EH: I don't know if the lack of women filmmakers has been because of sexism within the industry or because there are less women attempting to make film, or both, but I think as the industry has more women succeeding, it will encourage other women to want to try and make films. I think it's a very hard industry for any young filmmaker to try and tackle, and you have to have resolve and support and belief that you can make it before you even start. You have to get the knock-backs and let-downs that everyone has to deal with before becoming successful. Perhaps men had more support in the past to get them through this difficult stage, but I do think this is changing. I think that just because the industry has traditionally been male-dominated does not mean that women will always have difficulty getting their chance to direct and make films. The industry has many women in high places, working as producers and studio heads, and there are more women directors coming to the forefront in recent years as solid role models. It may look easier for male filmmakers to get breaks, but I don't believe for a second that if you're an incredibly talented female filmmaker that you will lack support simply because of gender. It's a hard industry for anyone starting out, and I think it is really about seeking out the right people to work with, building a team that is supportive of you, and just making your films any way you can.

JK: What do you envision for Fusion's future?

EH: I hope it will carry on being supported by the student community, and that it will grow to connect with other student communities in the US and abroad. Expanding to other festivals and universities would allow exciting programming opportunities with up-and-coming filmmakers further afield, which can benefit festival organizers and students after they leave Tisch.

JK: Who is a female in the industry who you admire? Why?

EH: I'm currently very interested in first-time British director Sam Taylor-Wood who has just directed Nowhere Boy, the story of John Lennon's teenage years. She is an artist and a photographer who has worked with film and video throughout her career, and has now moved into feature film directing. I love her story and her artistic path because it shows a completely different way of becoming a filmmaker, through pure art and imagery and music, things that in a way inspired me to want to do film in the first place. Her story made me realize that you have to follow your own path as a filmmaker and artist and follow whatever it is that really excites you, and that may not always be the most direct route to directing films.

JK: What did Fusion teach you to be prepared to work in the film industry as a woman?

EH: One of the panelists the first year in response to my question about how one becomes a successful filmmaker said: "Do lots of things, and take on lots of role." I think that has stuck with me because it can be a long path to success as a feature filmmaker, and if you're constantly wanting to be there now and have instant success, you're potentially negating years that could be very useful and joyful, and full of learning and self-discovery. I said no to a number of opportunities early after graduating to concentrate on my screenwriting, and, though I don't regret anything, I think that now I am much more open to opportunity than I was. You never know what you are going to learn, who you are going to meet, and what life lessons you may take on just by being a little more flexible with your personal goals and deadlines.

JK: What were some of your favorite panels and/or who were some of your favorite guests during your time with Fusion?

EH: It was a great first festival, and all the panels and guests were dedicated to what we were trying to do and were incredibly inspiring. Amy Heckerling was very supportive and down to earth. She flew out from Los Angeles to be at Fusion. Because she is an alum of Tisch, it was particularly exciting and honorable to have her at the first Fusion Film Festival to support us.

JK: What do you think are some benefits to becoming involved with Fusion?

EH: The chance to explore what's important and interesting to you within the film industry, and to have a vehicle to allow you to reach out to filmmakers within the industry who you admire and to bring them to Tisch. Also, the running of the festival itself teaches you valuable lessons about how to collaborate with a large team. You learn how to take on everyone's creative ideas and distill it until you get the right balance--much like making films. Connecting with people both at school and within the industry is invaluable, and it can lead to collaborations and opportunities after film school. Lastly, being able to support other young filmmakers, either through the experience they get from a panel or a film package they get as a prize towards making their next film, is very rewarding.


It's only a week away...

The Fusion Film Festival is only a week away and we have another programming announcement!

On Saturday February 27th at 5pm in the 721 Broadway building, Theater 006, Fusion will be presenting a panel entitled Double Threats. This panel features many multi-hyphenates: actor-writers, director-producers, writer-directors and so on. It seems some ladies can really do it all.

Our esteemed panelists include:

Paola Mendoza (Actor/Director/Writer)

From her directorial debut Autumn's Eyes, to On the Outs, to her short documentary Still Standing and to her latest film Entre Nos, Ms. Mendoza has continually tackled the effects of poverty on family and children. Her films have been embraced at prestigious festivals such as Toronto, Berlin, South by South West, Full Frame, HotDocs and Tribeca. She was a nominee for the 2008 NALIP Estel Awards, given to Latino filmmakers that show extraordinary promise in the field of directing. As a writer she won the Grand Jury Prize for the Panasonic Digital Filmmakers Award at 2007 IFP Market Award for the script of Entre Nos. She was featured as one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 New Faces of Independent Film 2009.

Jennifer Grausman (Director/Producer)

Before beginning production on Pressure Cooker, Jennifer Grausman produced six short films. Dear Lemon Lima premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2007, and Solidarity screened at the New York Film Festival in 2005. In 2006, she was the production supervisor on The Killing Floor, an independent feature film.

A graduate of the MFA film program at Columbia University, Grausman was honored with the 2005 Best Producer Award at the Columbia University Film Festival and the Arthur Krim Memorial Award in 2004. Prior to graduate school, she was the Manager of Exhibition and Film Funding at The Museum of Modern Art. She earned her BFA in Art History at Duke University.

Lena Dunham (Director/Writer/Actress)

Lena graduated from Oberlin College in 2008, where she studied Creative Writing. Her first short film, Dealing, premiered at the 2007 Slamdance Film Festival. Her first feature, Creative Nonfiction, premiered at SXSW 2009. She has made two webseries, Tight Shots and Delusional Downtown Divas. In 2009, she was commissioned to make ten more episodes of DDD to project at the Guggenheim's first annual Art Awards, an event which the Divas hosted in character (and Lena co-wrote the teleplay.) In 2009, she was named one of Filmmaker Magazine's "25 New Faces of Independent Film". She writes about film and interesting characters for various publications, including Interview Magazine, Onion A/V Club, and HammertoNail.com. Her second feature, Tiny Furniture, will premiere at the 2010 South By Southwest Film Festival

Alana Kearns Green (Writer/Actor)

Alana Kearns-Green has been seen on an actors panel with Michael Keaton, joking with Matthew Modine, and acting alongside Twilight star Jackson Rathbone. Her latest credits include an iPhone commercial for Qualcomm industrials, a music video for Cucu Diamantes, and her first feature film, Mary Marie; co-created with Alexandra Roxo and Rachel Earnest.

Drawing on her multi-lingual skills and interests, Alana has had great success with the short Le Retour, (dir/Rachel Earnest) following the film to over 30 film festivals worldwide. She has been nominated for two Best Actress awards for Le Retour, and gained much praise for the performance. Fluent in French, she has great interest in bridging the gap between cultures and using film to do so.

She has collaborated with filmmaker Alexandra Roxo for over six years now, with one short film, Out of the Blue and one feature screenplay, In Pursuit of the Pomegranate, under their belt. In Pursuit of the Pomegranate drew Alana much attention on YouTube with her intimate improvisations with actor Jackson Rathbone. She now dodges threats from jealous teenage girls.

Presently in post-production for Mary Marie, (Directed by Alexandra Roxo, Written by Alana Kearns-Green and Alexandra Roxo, Produced by Rachel Earnest) Alana looks forward to the inevitable spontaneity of life and to the adventures she will surely encounter in the future.


Thanks, Showtime! You Tell 'Em!

A disappointing article posted by The Wrap yesterday---

"Already in the single digits of Hollywood's directors, women actually lost ground on the directing front last year, accounting for just 7% of directors on the 250 top-grossing movies of 2009 -- a drop of 2%."

But to contrast this discouraging article, we found an uplifting one about Showtime on Jezebel. Showtime has an extremely strong female line-up, including the likes of: Edie Falco (Nurse Jackie) and the two women behind her starring role, creators Liz Brixtius and Linda Wallem; Toni Collette (The United States of Tara); Emmy Rossum and Alison Janney in the ordered Shameless; and the highly anticipated The Big C, starring Laura Linney and created by Darlene Hunt.


xoxo thanks showtime xoxo


2010 Finalists Announced!

Graduate Film Finalists

Harrow Island
Directed by Anja Marquardt

Steenbeck Story

Directed by Marie Dvorakova

Directed by Liliana Greenfield-Sanders


Directed by Taj Musco

Graduate Honorable Mentions


Directed by Kristina Nikolova

Directed by Emily Ray Reese

Undergraduate Film Finalists

Make It Stop!

Directed by Marissa O'Guinn

Seasons of Love
Directed by Grettel Batoon

Too Sunny for Santa

Directed by Erica Tachoir

Bethany Heimbigner

Undergraduate Honorable Mentions

Skinny Love & Spanish Bombs

Directed by Melanie Shaw

Directed by Gabrielle Nadig

Sight and Sound Finalists

Brooklyn Bridge

Directed by Catrin Hedstrom

The Naked Truth: A Portrait on Candida Royalle
Directed by Nakeela Dennis

Hear Me Fall
Directed by Chloe Domont

Sight and Sound Honorable Mentions

Eat, Breathe, Sleep, Jump
Directed Proxy-Connection: keep-alive
Cache-Control: max-age=0

Rachel Fung

I told her I wanted to read
Directed by Catrin Hedstrom

Kim & Hailey: A Love Story
Directed by Patricia Gillespie

Short Screenplay Finalists


Written by Brooke Greeling

Written by Catherine Yang


Written by Chloe Zhao

Feature Screenplay Finalists

A Cyprian Dove

Written by Mary Pennisi

Mimi and Me
Written by Elizabeth Kerin

My Brother, The Terrorist

Written by Dana Wax

Doc Pitch Finalists


Directed by Keiko Wright

Street Soccer
Directed by Suzannah Herbert


Directed by Patricia Gillespie

Coming Back To Life: The Barry Gibbs Story
Directed by Zoe Potkin

Music Video Finalists

Learned My Lesson
by The Moth Complex
Directed by Sophia LaVonne-Smith

The Plum
by Sarah Tracey
Directed by Ruth Du

America, Let's Go
by Christopher Gordon and Dan Lubell
Directed by Karen Odyniec


Details of the 2010 Fusion Festival Schedule!

Wednesday, February 24th

Breaking In: Tisch Alumnae Night

Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center
50 West 4th Street
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Reservation Only

Join Fusion for an intimate panel featuring female NYU alumnae at various stages of their careers as they discuss life as a woman working in the industry.

Co-sponsored by the NYU Women's Initiative and Tisch East Alumni Council.

Thursday, February 25th

Docs in the Works

Dean's Conference Room, 721 Broadway
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Our Doc Pitch finalists will pitch their work-in-progress documentaries to a panel of industry judges from news and cable networks, as well a live audience.

Special Industry Screening: The Runaways
Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street
6:30 pm


Join us for a special screening of this 2010 Sundance selection starring Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning. The film marks the directorial debut of music video director Floria Sigismondi. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Ms. Sigismondi.

Co-sponsored by The Director's Series

Friday, February 26th

Going Green & Saving Green On Your Film Set

Michelson Theatre, 6th floor, 721 Broadway
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Join Green Media Solutions and other environmentally-conscious industry professionals for a moderated discussion on how students can make their sets more sustainable without breaking the bank.

Student Film Competition
Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street
7:00 pm

A dazzling showcase of short films from our undergrad and grad festival finalists. All directed or shot by women. Followed by the presentation of awards in the Film, Music Video, and Screenplay categories.

Co-Sponsored by the Director’s Series.

Saturday, February 27th

A Workshop with Eliza Paley, Sound Editor

Room 108, 721 Broadway

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

A workshop with the sound editor who worked on
Adventureland, Casino, and Velvet Goldmine. The event will be followed by a small reception.

A Conversation with Maryse Alberti (The Wrestler)
By Invitation Only
12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

An intimate master class on the art of cinematography. The event will be followed by a small reception.

Women Writing Women
Room 006, 721 Broadway
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Join us for a discussion with working screenwriters to discuss the special challenges women face in creating rich and complex roles for women.

Double Threats

Room 006, 721 Broadway
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Writer-Director. Actor-Director. Actor-Producer. Some do it all. Join us for a conversation on how the dual on-set role has evolved to its present state.

Closing Reception

Lower Level Lobby, 721 Broadway
7:00 pm


Tisch Alumnae Night - February 24th

The Fusion Film Festival 2010 invites you to a special event
co-sponsored by The NYU Women's Initiative
and The Tisch East Alumni Council

Breaking In: Tisch Alumnae Night

Join Fusion for an intimate panel conversation featuring distinguished NYU alumnae in various stages of their careers and discuss what it is like to be a working woman in the film industry. The event will be followed by a student-alumni network reception.


Emily Abt
Director, Producer, Writer

Margaret Brown
Director, Producer, Editor

Aine Carey

Susan Siedelman

Andrea Wachner
Producer, Writer

Wednesday, February 24th :: 6:30 PM :: Jeffrey S. Gould Welcome Center
Reservation Only. Seating is limited and is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Fusion Announces 2010 Festival Industry Screening!

As the 7th Annual Fusion Film Festival approaches, the Festival Team is pleased to make its first programming announcement.

We are thrilled to be screening Floria Sigismondi's directorial-debut, The Runaways, on Thursday February 25th, 2010. The film stars Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning, and is hot off the 2010 Sundance Film Festival.

Please check our website to view the trailer and see more images from The Runaways press kit.

NYU Alumna Wins Grand Jury Prize at Sundance

Congratulations to NYU alumna Debra Granik and her film Winter's Bone, on winning the Sundance Grand Jury Prize for U.S. Dramatic Film!

She and her co-writer, Anne Rosellini, were also awarded a Waldo Salt screenwriting award.

Congratulations to all the Sundance winners - read the Variety coverage here.

DGA Awards - Congrats Kathryn Bigs!

Congratulations to Kathryn Bigelow on making history!

Last night, Ms. Bigelow became the first women to ever win the DGA's top prize.

It was a great night for women in TV at the DGA awards as well.
Leslie Linka Glatter won best director for a TV drama series for the "Guy Walks into any Advertising Agency" for AMC's Mad Men. She beat out great directors such as Mad Men creator, Matthew Weiner (nominated for "Shut the Door. Have A Seat") and Jack Bender from Lost (nominated for season finale "The Incident").

Congratulations to all the winners!



The Killer Inside Me: Violence in Film

It's hard to imagine in this day and age that a movie would demonstrate such gratuitous violence towards women.

Would you ever walk out of movie because it was too violent? What about sexual or domestic violence? How is this type of violence more disturbing then combat-type violence in your humble opinion?

Read an article about The Killer Inside Me Here!

Sneak Peek at the Fusion Film Fesival 2010 Schedule!

Wednesday, February 24th

Breaking in: Tisch Alumni Night - Join Fusion for an intimate panel featuring female alumni at various stages of their career and discuss what it is like to be a working woman in the industry. The panel will be followed by a catered networking reception. Co-sponsored by the NYU-Women's Initiative

Thursday, February 25th

Docs in the Works - Our Doc Pitch finalists will pitch their work-in-progress documentaries to a panel of industry judges and a live audience.

Industry Screening - Join us in the Cantor Film Center for a special screening by a working female director.

Friday, February 26th

Films in Competition - Friday night is competition night, where the festival will screen finalists in the short film, and music video categories and announce festival winners.

Go Green! - A panel about greening your film productions.

Saturday, February 27th

Join industry experts for a day of master classes, panels and Q&As followed by the 7th Annual Fusion Film Festival closing celebration.

Stay tuned for more detailed schedule breakdown and more announcements throughout February.



Avatar or The Hurt Locker? You Decide

Hi All,

Here's an article sent over to us by Nikki Todaro. Thanks, Nikki!

The article comments about who should have one the Golden Globe for Best Drama --> Kathryn Bigelow or James Cameron.

Read The Article Here


NYU Tisch Alumni at 2010 Sundance!

Our warmest congratulations to all the NYU Tisch Alumni who are part of the 2010 Sundance Film Festival!


The Oath

Danielle Morgan '11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Assistant Editor
Katy Scoggin '11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Associate Producer

Nick Quested ’93 (BFA, Film & TV Production)
Executive Producer

A Small Act
Russell Sheaffer ’12 (MA Candidate, Cinema Studies)
Assistant Editor


Blue Valentine
Rachel Jones ’02 (BFA, Film & TV)
Art Department Coordinator
Inbal Weinberg ’03 (BFA, Film & TV)
Production Designer

The Dry Land
June Diane Raphael ’02 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Susie

Marna Kohn ’08 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Melissa

Stephanie Shannon ’07 (BFA, Film & TV)
Art Department Assistant

The Imperialists are Still Alive!
Magela Crosignani ’03 (BFA, Film & TV)
Director of Photography
Zeina Durra ’05 (MFA, Film)
Director & Screenwriter

Beth Goldenberg ’12 (MFA Candidate, Design)
Costume Assistant
Laine Rettmer ’07 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Environmentalist

Alexandra Roxo ’05 (BFA, Drama)
Director Assistant
Ciera Wells ’08 (MFA, Design)
Costume Designer

Lovers of Hate
Athina Rachel Tsangari ’93 (MA, Performance Studies)
Executive Producer

Night Catches Us
Ramona Sadiq ’10 (BFA Candidate, Film & TV)
Picture Vehicle Coordinator

Sympathy for Delicious
Kristen Eccker ’00 (BFA, Film & TV)
Second Assistant Camera

Jennifer Taylor ’97 (MFA, Film)
Assistant Editor

3 Backyards
Kathryn Erbe ’89 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - John's wife

Danai Jekesai Gurira ’04 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Woman in blue dress
Kevin Kuffa '02 (BFA DDW)

Madeleine Olnek ’87 (BFA, Drama)
Production Assistant
Trisha Solyn ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Additional Grip

Atilla Yucer ’01 (BFA, Film & TV)
Co‐Producer & First Assistant Director

Welcome to the Rileys
Amy Chaffee ’91 (BFA, Acting)
Dialect Coach

Winter’s Bone
Debra Granik ’01 (MFA, Film) & Former Adjunct Professor
Director / Writer


Waste Land
Lucy Walker ’98 (MFA, Film)


Gone to the Dogs
Jendra Jarnagin ’96 (BFA, Film & TV)

Liz Tuccillo ’84 (BFA, Drama)
Director / Writer

Herbert White
Caroline Aragon ’06 (Film)
First Assistant Director

Shiho Miyazawa ’06 (BFA, Film & TV)
Sound Recordist
Kate Tsang ’11 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Makeup Artist

Christina Voros ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Camera Operator

Little Accidents
Sharon Barnes ’09 (MFA, Film)
Sara Colangelo ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Director / Writer
Amanda Fulks ’07 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Rosa
Etienne Kallos ’09 (MFA, Film)
Lesya Kalynska ’09 (MFA, Film)
First Assistant Director
Wing‐Yee Wu ’09 (MFA, Film)
Editor (Fusion’s 2008 Best Graduate Director Award Winner)

The Visitors
Samina Akbari ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer
Kristina Nikolova '10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Emily Ray Reese '10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Visra Vichit‐Vadakan ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
Cast Member


The Extra Man
Shannon Dennard ’03 (BA, Cinema Studies)
Location Scout
Lora Hirschberg ’85 (BFA, Film & TV)
Sound Re‐Recording Mixer
Claire Newlands ’08 (BFA, Film & TV)
Production Secretary

The Killer Inside Me
Susan Kirr ’96 (MFA, Film)

Please Give
Nicole Holofcener ’84 (BFA, Film & TV)
Director / Writer
Paloma Mele ’02 (BFA, Film & TV)
First Assistant Editor
Claire Newlands ’08 (BFA, Film & TV)
Accounting Clerk

Shannon Dennard ’03 (BFA, Cinema Studies)
Location Scout
Victoria Negri ’08 (BFA, Theatre)
Cast - Girl at party

Untitled Duplass Brothers Project
Annie Hill ’01 (CS)
Costume Supervisor

Sarah Smith ’99 (BFA, Film & TV)
Editor / First Assistant Director

Sophie Goodhart ’03 (MFA, Film)
Marni Zelnick ’10 (MFA Candidate, Film)
First Assistant Director

One Too Many Mornings
Abby Miller ’98 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Henry
Libby West ’94 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Jennifer

The Taqwacores
Denise George ’93 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Dee Dee Ali

SPOTLIGHT (Narrative)

Mother & Child
Lisa Gay Hamilton ’85 (MFA, Acting)
Cast - Leticia

Countdown to Zero

Lucy Walker ’98 (MFA, Film)

To Catch a Dollar: Muhammad Yunus Banks on America
Keiko Deguchi ’87 (MA, Cinema Studies)
Co‐Producer / Editor

HIGH school
Mary Birdsong ’90 (BFA, Drama)
Cast - Mrs. Gordon


Memories of Overdevelopment
Jean Marie Offenbacher ’84 (BFA, Film & TV)
Cast - Carole Ratner


2010 Fusion Trailer Competition Announced

Fusion Film Festival is looking for the creator of the new, fresh intro for all festival screenings! Remember, Fusion Film Festival is all about female collaboration and empowerment within the industry and this is YOUR chance (for both males and females) to create a short festival promo to play before all film screenings!

Information and Instructions

- 15 - 45 second animated or video short intro to play before the screening of all selected films for the 2010 Fusion Film Festival

- Intro must include the official festival logo. Any other typography must use the Fusion font.

- Download the Fusion font here

- Download the .PSD document of the Fusion logo here

- Winner will receive $50 gift card to NYU Computer Store

- Upload entries to Fusion Film Festival YouTube by FEBRUARY 15, 2010

Who can Submit: Any current NYU student or any Alumni with Grad years 2007, 2008, or 2009

Talent: You must provide release forms for any on-screen talent.

Music: You are not permitted to include any copywritten music or performance in your video without proper releases. If you are selected as a finalist, you will be required to submit signed releases forms.

Trademarks and other copyrights: The use of any trademarks (such as logos, symbols, or characters) that could legally force us to disqualify your video. Do not use any copyrighted material. Copyrighted material includes but is not limited to film clips, television clips, audio clips, video game clips, books, magazines, etc.

How to Upload to Youtube

1. Upload your video onto your personal YouTube account.

2. Log onto the Fusion 2010 Trailer Contest page: http://www.youtube.com/group/fusiontrailer2010

3. Click the "Submit a Video" button on the upper right hand corner of the group's page. Put your video's URL in the prompt box. In the option box, please write your name, NYU school, graduation date, and preferred email address.

We look forward to your submissions!