Fusion 2010 Winners

Best Film

Seasons of Love Directed by Grettel Batoon

Best Undergraduate Director
Grettel Batoon for Seasons of Love

Best Graduate Director

Marie Dvorakova for Steenbeck Story

Best Graduate Cinematography
Harrow Island
Cinematography by Kristina Nikolova
Directed by Anja Marquardt

Best Undergraduate Cinematography
Too Sunny for Santa
Cinematography by Matthew Troy
Directed by Erica Tachoir

Best Sight & Sound Film
Hear Me Fall
Directed by Chloe Domont

Best Short Screenplay
Written by Brooke Greeling

Best Feature Screenplay
Mimi and Me
Written by Elizabeth Kerin

Best Music Video
America, Let's Go by Christopher Gordon and Dan Lubell
Directed by Karen Odyniec

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